Hi, I am Julie and I am here to act as your confidant / wellbeing practitioner / practical helper, I have many qualifications and many transferable business skills enabling me to offer you emotional or practical support at a time when you have identified that something is not quite right with your life. I will help you figure out what isn't working for you and together we will get you back on a good path.

Confidant perfectly describes who I am and what I do. I am not a counsellor, nor a life-coach. I am a confidant, mentor, wellbeing practitioner and pratical helper.

With my acute awareness of isolation, loneliness, depression, anxiety and needing encouragement and support to make difficult changes I know the power of having a confidant. Equally I know how difficult it is to call on a friend or a family member when you just need to get things off your chest, without wanting to burden them or worry them with such insight. Equally sometimes it can be quite challenging to call a counsellor if you feel that you need to pin point an issue to address ahead of the session, and sometimes you need somebody to help you see what you can change and how you can change it.

As a confidant, I offer you a safe space to talk about your life, your business, your dreams, and by freeing myself from any given label I am able to offer intuitive and practical advice and mentorship, if so required. Equally, I can just listen, or offer practical help with paperwork / estate / applications / business plans. You are in safe hands.

Why ‘confidant’?

I always knew that I wanted to help others, or at least to help others help themselves, and I embarked on several ways to do this. Following basic counselling training many years ago I embarked on a counselling degree but walked away from that when I realised that I would be too restricted with the level of support I could provide. I trained as a holistic massage therapist and for a couple of years I used the physical therapy as a medium to enable others to de-stress and support their wellbeing. I was a publican for many years and acted as a confidant on many occasions, without realising it. I set-up networking to encourage people to enter into a confidant circle, and more recently I completed a law degree with the mindset to help others facing particular difficulties that I myself had experienced over the years, this gave me a new appreciation for the level of expertise of specialist solicitors.

I have studied many disciplines over the years, mindfulness, neuroscience, NLP, life-coaching, and more, but whilst they all offer fantastic tools and insight I did not wish to be bound by any single title or method of practice. I am an empath, and a light worker.

The realisation that I am and always have been a confidant freed me from looking for an additional medium through which to practice. I am pleased that I have studied and qualified in various areas as I have extensive professional conduct training and acute awareness of various codes of practice and I have many tools that I can use to help you, if help is what you would like.

On a personal level, my reason for working now as a confidant is that I have been affected by loneliness, anxiety, depression, isolation, single parenting, debt, divorce, serious relationship problems, abusive relationships and work environments, feeling trapped, self-harm... the list is extensive, but what matters is that I found a way to come through it all, I learned and implemented so many self-help practices and gained confidence, courage, true happiness of the heart and great coping mechanisms that have helped me build the life I enjoy today without being dragged down by what previously bound me. From being a very depressed 35 year old heavy drinker and smoker to having the inner peace and life that works for me now is something that I would like to help you all achieve.

The one thing that I know is crucially important is having a confidant, and not feeling alone, that, is the killer, and I do not want to see life beat you. Love your life, and start today.

Julie is a multi-award-winning director of KIH Products Ltd, author of Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit, available on Amazon, Intuitive Empath and Mum.


My time is charged at £20 per hour and payment plans are available if money is painfully tight.

If you would like me to travel to you travel is charged at £20 per hour (includes fuel), from HR9 6BJ .

Travel time will be calculated using Google Maps fastest route by car option. Traffic jam time will not be charged.

Please call 0208 123 9625 and leave a message if you prefer not to use the e-mail link below. Please ensure that you clearly leave your name and contact number, and best time to call you. Thank you.

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