Tickets are £20, payable at tme of booking to secure limited space, to include a light buffet brunch / lunch.

Please use the form below to express an interest & I will e-mail you to let you know when there is a meeting in your area.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

The Women's Support Network is a networking group based on the Herefordshire/ Monmouthshire/ Gloucestershire border to offer a supportive environment for you to network with like-minded ladies. Whether a self-employed entrepreneur, a parent who would like support with your professional direction now that you have children, a retired woman that can offer life wisdom, or a lost soul unsure of direction as I once was, please do come along to a light brunch / lunch and enjoy a controlled environment for a couple of hours where we will talk, support and be supported. We will all have an opportunity to promote ourselves and our businesses and one slot will be offered per meeting for an attendee to offer a 10 minute talk.

Networking is not just about promoting our business or sourcing information to help us, networking is crucial for mental wellbeing. We all need comradeship and networking with like-minded women will not only help you to grow professionally, but it will help you to maintain wellbeing in your personal life.

Facilitated by Julie the WSN is here to help you in a very light-hearted uplifting way.

Whilst we recognise that men really need a support network too this is exclusive to ladies only because talk often steers away from business and we support each other with female only issues. You can visit KIH Holistics if you would like an individual support session x


You can leave a voicemail on 0208 1239625 or use the contact form below, or send a message via one of the Facebook pages. Please note that I actively promote wellbeing and that includes freedom from attachment to the phone or computer - so please only expect a response in 24 hours.


About Julie

I set up the Women's Support Network so that I, along with other like-minded women, can support other women! It's about understanding your journey and wanting you to enjoy the level of fulfillment that is achieved when you take control of your life, pursue your dreams, achieve your goals and create the future that you work for.

I personally have achieved so much in the last decade from thriving as a single-mum, living well with depression, setting up and sustaining a multi-award-winning business (KIH Products) embarking on and completing a Law Degree, volunteering at The Raven Centre, working freelance to help others set up and grow their business and publishing 'Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit' on Amazon, and essentially I know how good it feels to keep going! And I also know how many obstacles there are. Fighting through adversity you NEED a good support network to see you through. There are many networking groups out there and I support them all, they are after all what helped me early on, and now I am able to bring more support to your area as I know how to facilitate bringing women together. I have an extensive skill set that is just itching to be utilised so please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it!